2013 Beer Glossary

Beer & Book Matching: How? ...Why? ...What?

A quick summary of the new terms added to the beer world’s lexicon this year. Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed any.

London Murky: Liquid that occurs naturally under many railway arches in the capital, consisting mainly of hops and yeast sediment. (credit to @robsterowski for coining this term)

American Stale Ale: The freshest, citrusiest, piniest, juiciest hop flavours are mere memories to this expensively imported, caramalt-based alcopop.

Black (Market) IPA: Legally-obscure beer procured by alternative means to demonstrate the sheer lunacy of mankind.

Craft Wanker: Person who occasionally lets their love of beer get in the way of being a complete snob about it.

*Sigh*berspace: abstract concept describing a period of noisy ennuis and loud announcements about ignoring the latest BrewDog blog.

Definitis: A painful condition, which forces those afflicted to attempt to define and categorise concepts, with no discernable success.

Craft Beer: A beverage with all of the fun, imagination, joy and life stripped out of it by many of the people who claim to love it.

Let’s see what gets added next year.

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