Division of Labours

*Blows away cobwebs*

Sorry for failing to post rants on this, that and the other for the past few months.

I once thought it would be easy to divide my beer-writing between what I do here and what I do for Rum & Reviews Magazine (I once thought that old photos were in black and white because everything in the past was black and white). The truth is that since the Magazine has taken off and expanded, the time that I can dedicate to non-review-based beer writing has diminished proportionately.

However, this is not a farewell blog post. Oh no.

I intend to use this blog differently from now on. Instead of labouring on topics, I will use this blog for shorter, hopefully sharper observations which belong, fittingly, on a blog. Watch this space.

In the meantime, if you’re curious as to what exactly I have been doing for R&R, you could do worse than click on this handy link to most of the things I have written for the magazine.

Onwards and upwards.

Author: Chris Hall

London-based freelance beer writer. Member of the British Guild of Beer Writers. Co-author of 'Craft Beer: 365 Best Beers in The World' On Twitter/Instagram @ChrisHallBeer.

2 thoughts on “Division of Labours”

  1. Rants have not been purged from the editorial manifesto. Rather, they will be trimmed and honed, supplemented with questions to the blogosphere and thoughts on common beer ideas, beer memories, beer myths. I think. Shorter, faster, furrier, thirstier. Like an otter.


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