UPDATE: Golden Posts 2014

(‘Beer cans’ by Michelle Tribe, from Flickr, under Creative Commons) You may or may not remember a post I wrote back in *adjusts spectacles, squints at screen* February, in which I proposed an end-of-year celebration of the best beer blogs and blogposts, The Golden Posts, in a similar fashion to The Golden Pints. Whilst we … Continue reading “UPDATE: Golden Posts 2014”

Golden Posts 2014?

At the British Guild of Beer Writers‘ Awards Dinner in December, Pete Brown, last year’s winner of the Golden Tankard, was on the judging panel and made some very astute comments on the state of beer writing, and particularly online. Pete took charge of judging the Online Media category, where there were more submissions than … Continue reading “Golden Posts 2014?”

Buried Deep: Pilsen and Pilsner Urquell

Back in September, I was invited to visit the Pilsner Urquell brewery by Mark Dredge. Whilst there I had a number of Beer Moments, and one of the biggest was had at the brewery itself in Plzeň, Česká republika (from here on: Pilsen, Czech Republic).   The cellars below the Pilsner Urquell brewery seem to … Continue reading “Buried Deep: Pilsen and Pilsner Urquell”

Four Nations of Beer: Epilogue

In June, I decided to write about the beer culture in four countries based on my visits to four very different events. The resulting posts (starring the W-Ales Beer Festival, the Bermondsey Beer Mile, BrewDog’s Punk AGM 2014 and the European Beer Bloggers Conference in Dublin) left me with fascinating glimpses into a period of … Continue reading “Four Nations of Beer: Epilogue”